Reboot your metabolism in 21 days and burn fat forever

Mark Sisson, founder of Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Kitchen line of healthy foods and condiments, is the bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet, The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook, The Keto Reset Instant Pot Cookbook, and the new book, Keto for Life. Mark will teach you all you need to know about escaping from carbohydrate dependency by becoming fat- and keto-adapted. Need more support? Reboot your metabolism in 21 days with the Keto Reset Master Course.

First, the 21-Day Metabolism Reset to ditch carbohydrate dependency

Fine-tune with Intermittent Fasting and passing a keto-readiness quiz

Complete a focused, six-week period of nutritional ketosis

Custom-design an intuitive, long-term fat- and keto-adapted lifestyle strategy

Keto Reset Success Story

“We both have sustained energy throughout the day, decreased overall hunger, and improved body composition. People think we are making a big sacrifice because we don’t eat junk, but really, we have gained so much. We can’t imagine ever going back to our old way of eating.”

- The Taylors

Avoid shortcuts, suffering, and setbacks

Unlike many ill-conceived quick-fix keto regimens, The Keto Reset guides you through a methodical process where you leverage success in previous steps and never struggle, suffer, or backslide. Every aspect of the Keto Reset is delivered through detailed instructional videos, including contributions from the world’s leading keto experts. You’ll cover not only diet, but also exercise, sleep and lifestyle practices that promote keto success.


First, you’ll ditch carbohydrate dependency and progress methodically toward full keto, avoiding the risks of backsliding and burnout that come from a shortcut approach. Going keto will seem incredibly easy because when you build metabolic flexibility, you’re hardly ever hungry!


Increase general everyday movement, and conduct a blend of frequent low-level cardio workouts, regular brief, intense full-body strength workouts, and occasional all-out sprints. Avoid any chronic exercise patterns that promote sugar burning and dietary backslides.


Minimize excess artificial light and digital stimulation after dark, which can promote sugar cravings and fat storage. The Keto Reset helps you establish consistent habits and create an ideal sleeping environment to help regulate appetite and optimize fat burning.

Stress Management

Hectic, high stress lifestyle patterns can override disciplined eating, push you back toward carb dependency, and result in fatigue and burnout. The Keto Reset goes beyond the mechanics of healthy food choices and arms you with effective techniques to balance your life and expertly manage stress.

Keto Reset In Action

World record setting ultramarathon runner Zach Bitter began experimenting with a primal-style and comparatively low-carb diet way back in 2011, around the time he was making his name in the ultrarunning scene. “It made me really efficient at metabolizing fat. Fueling with carbs during workouts is a hassle, and the less you have to do it, the better.”

- Zach Bitter - American 100-mile record holder, world 12-hour record holder

Over 100 Videos, Plus Extensive Audio and Print Educational Materials

When you enroll, you’ll gain instant access to multimedia content from the world’s leading scientists, coaches, health experts and athletes in the burgeoning world of keto. The audio, written, and video instructional material are conveniently organized to give you the most impactful educational experience imaginable.

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Keto is hot, and it works, but you have to do it right. Don't get lured by hack programs!